Keeping tile grouted floors clean in a high traffic restroom; office area or lobby can seem like a losing battle.  No matter how often the floor is mopped or scrubbed, the grout lines inevitably become darkened and stained.  This can happen over time from dirt & mud tracked in on shoes or in the case of restrooms contaminants and bacteria that penetrate the grout not only discoloring it, but causing odors.


No matter how clean your building is, if you have dirty grout no one considers your building “clean.”  Replacing the restroom, office or lobby floors can be not only costly, but a hassle to take the area out of use due to construction.  Once completed the basic problem has not been solved.  How will you keep the grout clean?

Building Keepers, Inc. has your solution - SaniGLAZE®.  SaniGLAZE® is a proprietary, multi-step restoration process that not only makes tile and grout look "like new"; it makes problem surfaces maintainable long term.  With SaniGLAZE® there is no need to rip out the old tile and grout floors nor is does it involve any construction for a long period of time.  Our employees can easily perform this service during the evening(s) and the restroom floors are ready for use the next day.

Our trained technicians first, clean all of the contaminants and bacteria from the grout.  Next we apply our polymer bond to your grout changing it from a porous state to a non-porous state.  The importance of this stage is that once completed particles and other bacteria will no longer be able to penetrate the grout.  Finally, we coat the entire surface with a protective shield that is resistant to standing water, urine, and chemicals.


With proper maintenance, SaniGLAZE® will last indefinitely. We guarantee the floors as long as the EverGLAZE® Service (Support Service maintenance) is utilized.  The amount of times a floor needs the EverGLAZE® Service is dependent upon the amount of traffic.

For additional information on SaniGlaze you can check out SaniGlaze International at www.saniglaze.com

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