The Clear Advantage For HighRise™ Window Cleaning

The HighRise™ window cleaning system is the latest innovative
product from IPC Eagle. This amazing machine offers a safe and
effective way of cleaning multi-story buildings and can be
customized to fit your specific site requirements. The HighRise™
provides many benefits to the building owner/management
company as well as the operator.

  • 90% labor savings
  • Safely operated from top of building
  • Cleans windows and frames
  • Windows stay cleaner longer
  • Easier to find and retain labor
  • Fast ROI for building owners
  • Cleans entire building for extended life
  • No chemicals required

Cleans Windows And Frames

The HighRise™ is the ultimate cleaning machine providing a clean and spot-free surface. As the unit travels up and down the building the glass and frames are cleaned of corrosive pollution residue, extending the life of the building.

Reverse osmosis deionized water leaves the windows crystal clear and residue-free, allowing the windows to stay clean longer. The self-cleaning foam brush allows for superior cleaning and polishing. The centrifugal force of the brush continually removes the soil, allowing the brush to stay clean throughout the entire job.

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